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Teejay review

Twitter: AnxientSoul
Instagram: AnxientSoul
SnapChat: Kushkronicles
Soundcloud: Teejay_Flows

It might come as a surprise and not the first place you think of,
but Richmond, the capital of Virginia is starting to build a reputation of producing talented rappers,the never give up history it is built on with 
Founding Father Patrick Henry, famously declaring “Give me liberty or give me death”provided the heart,now that passion still reverberates
and lives in the creative voices perpetuating there own messages of hope.

And that brings me on to the person i want to introduce.
Teejay Johnson is a female lyricist hailing from Richmond, VA.
and like Most rappers who are forced to overcome adversity and use those experiences to breath life into their music,Teejay was no different.
At the age of 14 she was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.
For an adolescent, it can be very difficult to understand the complexities of there emotions and body adapting to change without
the added factor of coping with a mental health disorder,
however Teejay then discovered that writing through her manic behavior could help her learn to utilize the negative energy and turn words into amazingly detailed story's,what i was pleasantly surprised by was the consistent clarity while rapping at a high pace and the tone in her voice that sounded like it hurt to admit what she was saying giving it that real feeling people can relate to
and im not the only one that has taken notice with Teejays EP,
Love Lines and the single, Rainbows receiving air-time in three different countries. 


​some established names from Virginia are Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliot,Pharrell Williams and Timbaland

review by-Steve Godiff


CompreHend single 

What i have previously heard of CompreHend is a confident hiphop artists in control of his delivery giving you that sense that every word is meaningful,i did not expect anything less from the single BUT was it up to his normal standard that myself and his followers have grown accustomed to.

The title alone gives you the impression it is about surviving those turbulent moments and

the Juxtaposition between the instrumental and the vocal content has you gripped from the start,the delivery pattern he chose keeps the words clear and precise and hits home with every line,click the link available to hear the preview.


 The raw truth interview with Comprehend talking to Steve Godiff.

Q1: what made you pick hiphop?

A1: I was always into music growing up, I played the guitar for a few years but switched genres every couple of years. I started listening to Hip-Hop when I was coming out of my Metal/Rock phase at about the age of 15-16 and I was listening to artists like Lil Wayne etc but I really got into the nittier grittier Hip-Hop through friends who I went school with. My friends showed me the likes of Akala, Logic, Klashnekoff and Lowkey and i've been in Love with Hip-Hop since.

Q2: what do you take for granted? and will now change from thinking about it.

A2: My family, I think it's something we sometimes feel will last forever and forget that any breath could be our last. I think it's important to regularly remind the people around us that we love them but its something I need to do a lot more myself also and i'm consciously aware of that.

Q3: is there anything you are ashamed of from your past? Everyone makes mistakes to learn from.

A3: First of all I don't regret anything, I may not be the person I am today if I had done anything differently having said that, my most shameful moments come from moments where I hadn't acted upon something I felt strongly about out of fear, even when it was the right thing to do.

Q4: have you deleted music you though was to strong for the easily offended era we are in?

A4: Never, I make music to voice my opinion and to let stuff out, I wouldn't write a song that I feel would consciously offend a certain group of people but I don't really care about what others think, I make music that I hope will help some people and music that I hope some people can relate to but mainly I make the music for myself as an escape. I have got a certain set of grime bars that I wrote in a really Anti mind frame so I dont use them anymore but not because I think it would offend people more because i've evolved past the ignorance I was blinded by when I wrote them.

Q5: when the computer crashes and you lose all your files can you describe what that would feel like?

A5: Luckily that hasn't happened to me yet (touch wood) but I have lost lyrics on my phone by accidentally deleting them and it is really annoying but i'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason so my view is that the track/bars i have come out with afterwards are probably better than what I would of ended up with originally, so it was destined to be!

click for his social media page


Comprehends ability to articulate his thoughts and feelings is undeniable,i will be actively awaiting the next release. 
(salute brother)

By steve godiff 

Airklipz album review

thank you to Airklips for the early access to the vape life 2.0 play list.to anybody wanting a insight into what its like from my perpective, 
the opening soundtrack throws you directly into a conflict of emotions,

skepticism and a form of fascination from being intrigued it felt like frowning with a smile. 
especially for myself as i already had preconceived ideas of hearing boombap beats so it came as a surprise to hear a instrumental that was reminiscent of a Psychedelic sound with airklips notably distinguished voice giving me a instant reminder of 
faithless-Insomnia its deffinatly a kick back vibe and as the music continued
it all pulled together so each track gave a connected feeling that made it feel more of a whole project and not just a bunch of good songs.
the background soundtracks stayed consistent with good vibes and no drop in quality while the versatility shown in the delivery patterns gave it a uniqueness 
that will give it longjevity and playback ability,honestly i dont know what was my favourate tune as each one has elements that i like but vaping high is a contender 

the project
includes impressive tracks featuring the likes of Edward Splifforhands 


Mugzy review


if you asked me when i was younger what i no about Australia i would probably say a land of rocks,cheap beer and the crocodile hunter.but that changed when i listened to 1200 Techniques who was formed in 1997 but initially got my attention around 2005 when they done a track with ghostface killah,that immediately got me thinking less about rocks and more about music from down under,so after afew conversations i met Reyne Brady known as Mugzy.

Mugzy continually speaks of the truth in his music sharing the situations that surround him and how he percieves it,he has progressed with time creating ear catching moments with choruses that make a track stand out,
and i believe he will only get better with time if he continues to craft his abilitys and the control of his delivery.

The raw truth interview with Mugzy talking to Steve Godiff.
Q1: when was the moment of realization that rapping is what you wanted to be involved in,
normally it comes with the admiration of someones qualities, or achievements.

A1: Honestly i found inspiration in Eminem after my first initial encounter with Hip-Hop 
i still remember the way i felt when i heard the song The Way I Am,
you can relate to the words and that made me search further into the roots of Hip-Hop to discover artists like Public Enemy, NWA & Nas.

Q2: What are the main inspirations for the lyrics you write,why choose hiphop 

A2: What inspires me about the culture of hip hop 
is that it's the ONLY music form that you can express yourself in any way/shape/form possible
You pick any other music genre Rock, Pop, Rnb etc etc Trust me they dont have the same effect.

(mugzy continued to talk with passion stating)

With me i grew up in the generation of hip hop where lyrics & making your music sound TIGHT was everything to the listener
and i have stuck by that formula from day one,
Alot of new age artists now-a-days seem to be doing this Autotune-Voice its GARBAGE
i see New AND Old artists doing it,because its popular
Its like this massive pool of trash doin the same thing over an over,there is no uniqueness anymore its being diluted.
 (I havnt caught the bus like the rest who are following these trends i waited at the bustop for the right one to arrive)

Q3: is there any projects you have in store or are already working on.
A3: I actually want to get back into the studio ASAP
My 2nd album (Understand Me) is out now,i have been slackin on music because i've been getting into alot of acting but for my 3rd album i want to do a 2disk compilation and pile as much music/craft out as possible.

Q4:  The saddest time that shook your world.

A4: Probs a old girl i had in the past who ran off (rather not get into it) lets say the story could possibly be a movie.

Q5:The happiest moment so far say the first thing that comes to mind. 

A5: I Would have to say my childhood hero Walter Emanuel Jones who played (Zack Taylor/Original Black Ranger,in the
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
 and we both said "ITS MORPHIN TIME" infront of a crowd that went WILD
Just doing that famous catch phrase from the TV show that i use to do as a kid while running around wanting to be like him
NOW ACTUALLY doing it with him makes me smile.

Mugzy emerged from the shadow and through Hip-Hop found a way to express himself through his music by embracing the culture.
(salute brother)

By steve godiff 

More   reviews coming